our workplace

Our People

Across different functions, we are endowed with highly talented and motivated people from diverse educational backgrounds and professional disciplines that form a comity of highly resourceful personnel.

The loyalty and dedication of our staff to organizational goals have taken us across elevated ranges year-on-year. Talent attraction, development and retention have become the main thrust of our human resource activities.

Realising that our future is defined by the depth and scope of their minds, we constantly commit considerable investment in human capital development and training.

Culture of Excellence

If there is any phrase that holds cogent significance and drives the core of operations in Fidson Healthcare Plc, it is our passion excellence. Fidson has lived to the true meaning of developing excellence habit in every little matter to achieve the desired landmark excellence.

We are inspired by our passion for delivering cutting-edge, innovative healthcare solutions and this has compelled us to strive for exceptional performance in everything we do. This culture of excellence is a prevailing attitude that gives our staff the propensity to impact on the company’s growth positively.


The way we do things determines the outcome we get from our efforts. At Fidson, we support each other to greatness. We do not only work with ourselves, we work for ourselves. The opportunities that emerge for our success come from our unique style. We not only inspire our people to achieve, we celebrate their achievements with them. With family- friendly policies and support systems, Fidson is better defined in the words of a staff as ‘ a family before a workplace’.