For over three decades, people world-over have improved their health and well-being by the rich ingredients in ASTYMIN. Daily physical and mental activities result in the disrepair of body tissues and depletion of nutrients manifesting as stress and fatigue. The Golden promise of ASTYMIN is being enjoyed by more and more people who have found the deepest secret of living life at its peak.

ASTYMIN is a uniquely formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are the building blocks of life and the body’s requirement for them increases in times of stress, ill health, convalescence and growth. The essential amino acids are critical because unlike the non-essential amino acids the body cannot synthesize them even in periods of increased need. Supplementation with ASTYMIN helps bridge the gap between the body’s requirement and the supply of these important nutrients.

ASTYMIN is essential in children for growth, mental development, alertness and general good health. In adults, ASTYMIN helps cope with stress of daily living, strengthens the immune system and quickens recovery from illness. Astymin is available for adults as a uniquely formulated capsule that is made by a patented Japanese technology. Fidson’s Brand of ASTYMIN is a household name in Nigeria. The brand is synonymous with quality and performance.


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