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Fidson Healthcare Plc's manpower and learning policy continuously equips our staff with the required competences and skills to perform effectively and efficiently on the job . Our training and development plan is designed to achieve the following objectives:


• Drive a learning culture through strategic learning interventions that encourage employee growth and development.


• Improve employee productivity and personal effectiveness to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


Various programmes have been designed to realize the above objectives which include, comprehensive Staff Orientation/Induction Programme, internal &  External training programmes, Departmental training,  Management Roundtable Conference, Management Retreats, Seminars & Workshops, Job Rotation, Exchange Programmes with credible partners, etc.


FIDSON Official Library


An additional service offered by the Training and Learning Department, to support individual and organizational growth and development, is the provision of library services to employees. The official library contains journals, books and academic resource materials which can be easily accessed for information with topics ranging from Management/Leadership to day-to-day operational issues. Other resources on specific functions such as Operations, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management, Finance,  Learning and Development, Motivational books and others are readily available in the Library.  Employees have greatly benefited from the use of the library and will continue to do so.

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