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10-Dec-2014.By: Enifome Emmanuel


Do you live in a home where you have to care for a sick loved one and are finding it difficult to relate with them, or understand their moods? Are you frustrated as a result of this; because you can’t feel their pain, and all you can do is pity?

First of all, understanding that been helplessly ill comes with a lot of psychological depression, and that aside from passing through physical pain, there is also the psychological effect of being ill.

Depression, according to WHO is a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feeling of tiredness or poor concentration.

A sick person goes through a lot of emotional setbacks, especially from fear of the unknown. Part of the processes a sick person goes through which are psychological, includes the feeling of guilt, the feeling of sadness, and will mostly express anger. No one enjoys being a burden to anyone, or being unable to walk or being without freedom. Most people with this kind of situation tend to live in solitude even with their family members. You will rarely find a person who is helplessly sick in high spirit. It is difficult to support them, especially when you work and spend long hours away from them. There are simple steps to help fight depression caused by illness.

According to the American psychological association, depression can be treated with a combination of therapy and antidepressant medication, but in the situation where depression occurs as a result of an illness that can take a very long time to heal, or no guarantee of a recovery. A show of love can boost the right frame of mind that can stir them in the right healing direction.

Engaging a sick loved one in fun activities and in their usual life style before their illness will help to reduce depression, and improve their lifestyle.

Involving them in dialogue and seeking their opinion in regards to decision making helps build a sense of want, and destroys the feeling of rejection.

Exercising with them during their therapy sessions, can also give them strength and motivate them to want to work hard to recover.

As the saying goes, music is a food to the soul, engage them in fun activities that includes listening and dancing to music, take them on fun trips, a surprise trip won’t be a bad idea, especially to places they have only imagined visiting.

Engage them within the home, instead of doing everything on your own, you can ask them to pick up objects that are close to them and give to you instead of picking it on your own, this will take away the feelings of worthlessness.

To take away the feeling of no longer having their freedom as a result of their illness, outdoor activities like visiting friends and games that will keep their body energized to fight depression, fun activities that would make them laugh, like attending a comedy show, or watching a movie in a cinema together are other forms of outdoor activities that will reduce depression.

If you work, and you have to spend long hours away from them, always remember to put a call through, you can lighten them up by telling them fun stories of what’s going on in your office, that will remind them that you care about them, even when you are away.

Take away negative energy from the home, by lighting up the place with jokes, and reminiscing on fun activities and experiences you both have shared together. Most of all, pick out time to discuss with them, and let them express to you how being sick makes them feel.

Encourage them by letting them know that you will continue to be there for them, by supporting them, and that they are not being a burden in any way. Avoid yelling or neglecting them, which could result in withdrawal or in worse cases suicide.

A positive mindset can help boost the body in the right direction to a quicker recovery, you can help boost their recovery process only with the right attitude. Sometimes, healing can come from a simple act of kindness and love. 

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