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Achieving a Successful Pregnancy and Breastfeeding through Micronutrients

The achievement of a successful pregnancy and breastfeeding represent some of the fundamental functions of existence. However, these have eluded many to-be-mothers essentially because of micronutrient deficiencies; a condition where women lack nutrients required in small amounts for optimal reproductive health. To give babies the best chance at being born strong and healthy, it is important that mothers and mothers–to-be gather vital information on micronutrients as it relates to key stages of pregnancy. In this Interview with TRIBUNE, Business Manager, Cestra, Fidson Healthcare Plc, Mr Olubunmi Ajagunna speaks on ways mother and mothers-to-be can achieve successful Pregnancy and Breastfeeding through Micronutrients.

When should mothers-to-be start considering supplementing their diet with key nutrients required in Pregnancy?

A healthy baby begins with a healthy mum, so mothers–to- be should start as soon as possible to prepare their body and mind for motherhood right before they get pregnant and this should continue during pregnancy to when breastfeeding.


Why Micronutrients are important before conception, at pregnancy and during breastfeeding?

A good nutritional status before conception, during pregnancy and at breastfeeding is key to a successful pregnancy devoid of complications that could arise if mothers are found to be deficient of key micronutrients. It is expected that most nutrients needed during pregnancy should come from food, but for many reasons this has not been adequate as studies have shown. Hence, extra amount of nutrients is required as supplements in pregnancy

Pre Natal vitamins are designed specifically for the needs of mothers-to-be. They are full of the essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients needed to support the nutrient needs of mothers to be and lactating women and for the healthy growth of the baby.


Reason Why Women Should take Pre Natal Vitamins before conception?

The nutritional status of childbearing-age women affects their overall health and thereby their ability to bear children. A poor nutritional status in women has been shown to decrease the probability of conception and contributes to the risk of early pregnancy loss. Also, insufficient energy stores in women due to poor nutrition may negatively affect ovulation, menses and challenge the beginning of pregnancy.

In addition, it has been noted that many pregnancies are often unplanned as many women later find out that they are pregnant. A nutritional status rich in specific micronutrient like folic acid in the first few weeks of pregnancy would help lower the risk of having a child with neural tube defects and improperly formed spinal cord.

Reason Why Women Should take Pre Natal Vitamins during pregnancy?

When a mother-to-be suffers from micronutrient deficiency, the fetus may also suffer because the fetus depends on the mother for supply of nutrition during pregnancy. Insufficiency in supply from the mother could result in stillbirths, pre-term delivery, growth retardation and other birth defects. A good nutritional status would also reduce the risk of the mother having hypertension and complications during labour.

Expectant mothers should not lack key micronutrients during pregnancy. Hence, it is important for women to take Pre Natal Vitamins to cover any nutritional gap in their diets.

Reason Why Women Should take Prenatal Vitamins during while breastfeeding?

Deficiency in micronutrients can impact negatively on the quality of breast milk. Inadequate nutrition increases the baby's risk of diseases. Also, the extra nutritional demands during this period increase the vulnerability of the mother to further depletion during breastfeeding.

Most women can get all necessary vitamins and minerals from food if they're eating a well-balanced diet. Where does Cestra coming in?

Healthy eating during pregnancy is one of the best things a mother can do for herself and her baby, but how can we be sure that the mother get all of the important vitamins and minerals she needs? Considering that nutrition need goes up during pregnancy, the possibilities of not meeting up with all the required nutrient via meals exist. Taking Pre Natal vitamin ensures that mothers get all of the nutrients that they need for a healthy pregnancy.

Some women feel queasy after taking Pre Natal vitamins? Do Pre Natal vitamins have any side effects?

Feeling of nausea is common in pregnancy. This can be addressed with Pre Natal Vitamins. Side effects of Pre Natal vitamins also include gastrointestinal tract irritation, cramps and constipation. Some of these side effects may make the woman avoid taking Pre Natal vitamins. Cestra Pre Natal formulation has overcome this challenge using the ‘Intelligent Nutrition Systems’ to make available a gentle and non-constipating prenatal vitamin called Cestra Pre Natal Once A day.

What happens if you do not take Prenatal Vitamins?

Often, the increased nutritional needs during pregnancy are not met with the mother’s diet. The mother thus becomes deficient in key nutrients. These deficiencies increase the expectant mother’s risks of birth defects and other complications. They include;

Poor development of the brain and nervous system due to lack of B Vitamins, including folic acid. Miscarriages, stillbirths and poor brain developments linked to Iodine deficiencies. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension has been linked to a deficiency of Calcium, Magnesium and Selenium. Anaemia in pregnancy due to Iron deficiency increases the risk of premature birth and low birth weights. To avoid these, it is important for expectant mothers to take Pre Natal Vitamins to bridge any nutritional gap in diet.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Continue Your Prenatal Vitamin While Breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, the ability of the fetus to store some micronutrients is low. The baby relies on breast milk as the source of these nutrients for healthy growth and development. Mothers who are deficient in these nutrients during breastfeeding are exposing their infants to deficiencies that have serious health implications. The continued use of prenatal vitamin during breastfeeding ensures babies are protected from consequent infantile micronutrient malnutrition such as beriberi.

Also, the concentration of some micronutrients e.g. Calcium, Iron, Zinc and folate in breast milk have been found to be relatively high and protected even when mothers are deficient in them. This increases the vulnerability of mothers to further depletion during breastfeeding. Hence, in order to safeguard the health of mothers, there is need for mothers to continue with their prenatal Vitamin while breastfeeding.

What Prenatal Vitamins Should Women Take After Giving Birth?

Women lose a lot of blood during delivery. This can make a woman to be weak and tired. Intake of Iron would be necessary to rebuild blood and prevent postpartum anaemia. Folic acid and the other B Vitamins would help in the restoration of energy and prevention of postpartum depression.

Daily, about 300mg of calcium is transferred to baby during breastfeeding; this makes calcium a key nutrient to take after giving birth to prevent weak bones. Continuous intake of Pre Natal vitamins while breastfeeding, is a good idea to make sure you're getting the essential vitamins and minerals.

Cestra Pre Natal Once A Day is a complete multi-nutrient purposely formulated to prepare women of reproductive age for pregnancy and promote healthy growth and development of the baby. It provides the special nutritional requirements of the pregnant woman and the developing baby throughout the pregnancy. It also supports mother’s immune system, energy levels and vitality during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Cestra Pre Natal contains key nutrients required during pregnancy, which includes amongst others folic acid, iron, calcium and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in Cestra Pre Natal can help reduce the risk of pregnancy related hypertension and pre- eclampsia. Preformed Vitamin A is excluded from the formula as excess preformed Vitamin A may cause birth defects and liver toxicity.

Learning from nature, Cestra Pre Natal is formulated based on ‘Intelligent Nutrition Systems’ to prevent micronutrient deficiency. Nutrient levels and combination reflect those used in clinical trials and proven to be adequate and effective.

Cestra Pre Natal Once A Day, the complete multi-nutrient formula for every woman before conception, during pregnancy and in breastfeeding is available as a pack of 30 ‘gentle non-constipating’ tablets.



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