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Celebrating Our Joy of Today, Hope of Tomorrow… HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!

25-May-2016.By: 'Machi Faith Solomon


At about 5 a.m one morning, a strange trickling sensation woke Hannah up from sleep. She felt so weak and tired that getting off the bed seemed so difficult, so she laid back and continued her sleep. Few minutes later, the same sensation came, but this time, it felt like a small glug from a water. Immediately she ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and boom! Her water broke. It’s about time, a child is about to be born.


Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a child. Even when a woman is in labour, the long hours of crying and waiting in pain before the baby is eventually born appears unbearable. But when the baby arrives, she forgets the anguish and everyone celebrates in joy and excitement.


#Children are the best gift to families. They conquer our hearts with their beautiful eyes, innocent smiles, and funny activities. Their cute little faces as well as the utterance of their first words like “dada” or “mama” would melt even the stoniest of hearts and create the most beautiful and unforgettable memories, especially for their parents.


They are the joy of a family, the hope of the society and future of the country. Without #children in a home, life can become so boring and sad. No parent want to lose that healthy, smart, brilliant and cute child. We all want to see them grow happier, healthier and more intelligent. To become the next “Barack Obama”, “Nelson Mandela”, “Ben Carson”, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and “Oprah Winfrey” in their time. This is why parents go the extra mile to give their #children the best.


Sometimes, the chances of achieving their dreams and fulfilling their potentials may be threatened or hindered by sicknesses and diseases. All of a sudden, the once happy, healthy, active, smart and brilliant child would not be able to jump and play as they once did due to ill health. Although sometimes parents are at fault because they expose them to too many unhealthy diets and lifestyle. In order to avoid this and ensure the kids grow healthy to become what they want to; Parents must do what they can to keep them healthy and happy.


A healthy child begins with good personal habits. Making sure your #children always wash their hands regularly during the day, after using the restroom, before and after eating, after wiping their nose and after any hand contact with anything within public areas are some of the ways parents can ensure their #children’s health. Parents must teach them how to blow their nose into a tissue. Teach them to cover their mouth while they cough or sneeze instead of coughing into the open air.


Parents should enroll their kids in several physical and mental activities. Kids love to play, so let them express themselves in healthy and active games or recreation, but make sure they play safe. You can enroll them in team sports, karate, or swim team to boost their physical alertness. You can also provide them with simple toys like building blocks and dolls that allow for creative play and develop their mental mind.

Give your child enough sleep. Research shows that #children need about 10 hours of sleep per night. Very young #children also benefit from naps during the day. Make bedtime special with a routine that includes bathing, teeth brushing, and reading interesting bedtime stories.


Make sure your child eats plenty of healthy food and drinks water every day. You can help your child develop good eating habits by keeping them off junk foods at least to an extent. The simplest way to do this is to focus on whole meals, fruits, fruits and unprocessed foods. Educate your #children about proper nutrition and the dangers of junk foods and processed foods, so that even while at school, you are rest assured that they are eating healthy snacks.


Aside these, #children need unconditional love, they need to feel heard consistently. Yes, you may be busy, stressed-out and need some rest. But hey! They are your #children, so make out time. Take an active interest by listening to them. Besides, this might be the time they could tell you how smooth or rough their day went at school. And also an opportunity for you to teach them the importance of being assertive so they can protect themselves against bullies.


No child is born without a challenge, but they are surely one of life's most rewarding gift to man. Paying close attention to your child’s emotional health, safety and letting them know you love and support them is very important. So, show them more love! Care for them! And celebrate them today! Your child will grow up happy, knowing you are behind their every step all the way.


Happy #ChildrensDay


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